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Hidrocor Series – Mocha Brown


Luxe Hidrocor contact lenses are designed to blend with your natural eye color to create a more natural look. The lenses do not have a limbal ring and are most opaque of all lenses, making it perfect for a natural and sensational look. These lenses can completely transform the color of the eye. Consequently, the effect given by the colored contact lenses may vary depending on the natural color of your iris. In addition, Hidrocor lenses allow dark eyes to be lightened and bright eyes to be enhanced.

Hidrocor lenses are made from Silicon with a water content of 55%. They all have a base curve of 8.60mm and a diameter of 14.5mm. Hidrocor lenses have a sixmonth replacement cycle and are available in Plano (0.00 power) and prescription ranges for farsightedness (hyperopia) from -0.50 to -8.00 sph.

Use Luxe Lens Solution to clean, rinse, disinfect and store your lenses. This solution comes with a lens container and is available in 120 ml and 300 ml.

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