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Comfort - Rainbow Gray


Rainbow Gray colored contact lenses feature a bold iris print with a golden sunburst pattern spreading from the pupil on the gray iris. This iris print is perfect if you...

Comfort - Rainbow Brown


Featuring a dark iris print with a light brown tone spreading outwards from the pupil, the Rainbow Brown colored contact lenses are sure to attract attention to your eyes without...

Comfort - Rainbow Violet


The Rainbow Violet colored contact lenses feature a golden sunburst pattern over a violet striped iris print. These contact lenses are inspired from fantasy to give you that enchanting look...

Comfort - Rainbow Green


Rainbow Green colored contact lenses are the perfect lenses for you if you want a lighter shade of green contact lenses that don't make it conspicuous that you are wearing...

Comfort - Rainbow Sky Blue


Featuring a unique set of color tones make Rainbow Sky Blue colored contact lenses the perfect thing to go with that autumn weather. The golden sunburst pattern spreading from the...

Comfort - Rainbow Aqua Blue


Go for Rainbow series Aqua Blue contact lenses if you want to set yourself apart from the rest. Featuring a triple tone lens print, they are sure to make your...