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#Frequently asked questions

Here are some previously asked questions from our customers. If you can't answer you're looking for, please feel free to message us.

What is Lens House?
Lens House, founded in 2012, is a research-driven optical company offering a wide variety of products with innovative technology and advanced design. We extend our knowledge on soft contact lens technology to medical and vision care.
What courier do you use for deliveries?
We use TCS, Leopard and DHL to send most of our orders .
Who can order from Lens House?
Customers who have had a proper eye check and know they can tolerate contact lenses are welcome to buy from our site.
For instructions on how to order, please click on the following link: how to order
Do you have any local stores where I can purchase your lenses?
You can get our lenses from any optical outlet in Pakistan.
Are your lenses only cosmetic, or can they be ordered with a prescription?
Comfort lenses are produced for those who only want to change the color of their iris, as well as for those who have acuity problems, such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. Please consult with your Eye Care Specialist prior to determine whether you need prescription lenses or not.

Piano lenses are lenses with power 0.00, for those customers with 20/20 acuity vision, who only want to change the color of their iris.

Power lenses are for customers with myopia (negative powers) or hyperopia (positive powers).

Toric lenses are for customers with astigmatism. These orders must be specially produced for a customer after ordering (custom made on pre-order).

Important note for toric orders: Prescription is mandatory for Toric orders
Toric orders are final and CANNOT be modified once they are placed. This is because toric lenses are custom made. Please note the production time for toric lenses could take up to 1 week.
Are your lenses certified?
LensHouse lenses have obtained the following certifications:

FDA 510K
CE Mark
EN ISO 9001:08
EN ISO 13485:03
DRAP Certificate
Other local countries approvals
How many colors are available?
Basic Collection – 6 months (1 tone): six shades.
Jewel Collection – 6 months (2 tones): six shades.
Rainbow Collection – 6 months (3 tones): six shades.
Please note that the color may vary depending on your natural eye color.
What range of prescriptions are available?
6 Month Color lenses

All our color lenses are available with or without correction. Spherical powers are available from 0.00 to -10.00

Plano (power: 0.00)

Toric lenses for astigmatism:

Power/Sphere/Diopter: from 0.00 up to -10.00 and from + 0.50 up to +3.00
Cylinder: from -0.25 up to -3.00 (in 0.25 steps)
Axis: from 10° to 180° (in 10°).
What material are your lenses?
Comfort lenses are made from Polymacon (38% water content).
Are LensHouse lenses one size fits all?
Contact lenses are not one size fits all.

It is essential to check with your Eye Care Specialist whether these parameters are suitable for your eyes before purchasing the lenses (these parameters cannot be changed).
I have astigmatism, can I order LensHouse lenses?
COMFORT toric lenses are currently available in six colors.

Basic Grey
Basic Brown
Rainbow Grey
Rainbow Brown
Rainbow Green
Rainbow Sky Blue

What is included in each box of LensHouse lenses?

Each box of six months lenses contains two lenses of the same/different power and color, stored in separate blisters with sterile saline solution.
Where can I purchase a Comfort Lens/LensHouse case?
All Comfort lenses orders are shipped with a free Comfort branded lens kit.
I cannot decide which color(s) to purchase, can I receive a free sample(s) to test the lenses prior to purchasing?
Unfortunately, we do not provide free samples.

The best advice we can offer you is to please check out our Instagram page.There you can look for pictures of real customers with a similar eye color to yours and check out their before and after pictures prior to purchasing.
How long can I wear LensHouse lenses?
All Comfort lenses are six months lenses, that means they can be used daily for up-to a period of 190 days

All unopened Comfort lenses sealed in the blister with saline solution have a shelf life of five years from the time of their original production date. The exact expiration date is printed on the back of the packaging.

It is recommended that the lenses are disposed of after the wearing period mentioned above to avoid the risk of contracting ulcerous keratitis.
Can I sleep with LensHouse lenses?
No, it is not advisable to sleep with any kind of contact lenses. Your eyes must rest during sleep. Please remove your Comfort lenses before sleeping and put them in some lens solution or dispose of.