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Comfort - Jewel Brown


While Jewel Brown contact lenses lighten your eye color with a strongly pigmented brown color, the darker outline of the iris print compliments your eye makeup, and attracts attention towards...

Comfort - Jewel Gray


Jewel Gray contact lenses may just make your eyes, the most memorable ones in the room. The uniqueness of the color make you stand out as the center of attention....

Comfort - Jewel Green


The Jewel Green contact lenses create an elegant look that make these lenses ideal for social events. The light color tone coupled with the pigmentation can create a unique look,...

Comfort - Jewel Aqua Blue


The Jewel Aqua color contact lenses by Comfort create a mesmerizing effect as if looking into the deep ocean blue. This effect is enhanced by the captivating lens print that...

Comfort - Jewel Violet


If the unique color of these contact lenses is not enough to bewilder everyone, the distinct iris print of the Jewel Violet contact lenses can almost give off a glowing...

Comfort - Jewel Sky Blue


Jewel Sky Blue contact lenses give a vibrant look to your eyes. The light shade of blue brings vibrance to your eyes that stand out only to compliment your makeup....