How to Order

  1. Select your shade from Collections
  2. Please select the following to your requirements: No Power or Power
  3. If you do not require correction, please select no power (Plano lenses)
  4. If you require a different correction for each eye, you will need to select different powers for both your eyes.
  5. Select your correct power in the drop-down list. Customers with 20/20 acuity vision need to select no power.
  6. Choose the desired quantity of pairs of lenses.
  7. Once completed, add to cart and proceed to checkout
  8. Verify billing and shipping information
  9. Select the desired payment method
    1. Jazz Cash/ Easy Paisa
    2. Credit Card / Debit Card
    3. COD (cash on delivery)
  10. Ensure all details under the order review are correct
  11. Place order. You will be redirected to the appropriate site depending on the chosen payment method
  12. Enter payment details
  13. Once complete, you will receive a Comfort order confirmation email, along with notification of payment.