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Toric Series Rainbow Grey




Mention Price is for only one piece.
Order will be placed per eye.

Spherical Power: 0.00 to -6.00 (0.25 step) | -6.50 to -10.00 (0.50 step)

Cylinder Power: -0.50 to -4.00 (0.25 step)

Axis: 10° to 180° (10 steps)
Water Content: 60%
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Diameter: 14.00mm (14.50 available on order)
Central Thickness: 0.06mm
Modality: 6 Months

The perfect Solution for Astigmatism

With our Gloria Toric and Color Toric lenses you can enjoy superior vision and a more comfortable lens-wearing experience.

The credit goes to a special toric lens design. We call it Prism Ballasting Stabilizing Toric Lens Geometry™. It’s designed for stability, clarity and comfort. Not only does Optimized Toric Lens Geometry provide sharper vision by reducing lens movement when you blink, it also results in a smoother lens designed for comfort when you blink.


The Ideal Balance of Everything You Want in a Lens

Our Toric contact lenses incorporate the optimal balance of lens material, surface design and optics to provide remarkable comfort, breathability and visual performance in the broadest range of prescriptions.


Lens material: Hydration and Clarity

Our Toric lenses are naturally wettable. That’s because our lenses retain water molecules – even through extended periods of wear. This helps keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable. It also creates breathability in Toric lenses. That means oxygen can efficiently pass through the silicone terpolymer lens material to reach your eyes. And that helps keep your eyes clear and healthier.


Surface design: Smooth and Comfortable

Our Toric lenses have a smooth, naturally wettable surface with a specially rounded edge design. This minimizes any feeling of the lens edge against your eyelid when you blink


Optics: Matched to your prescription

Color Toric and Gloria Toric lenses feature unique optics that are specifically matched to each wearer’s prescription. That means your Toric lenses will be designed to work in harmony with your eyes

Mention Price is for only one piece.
Order will be placed per eye.

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